Carla’s Pickling Recipe: Refrigerator Pickles for First Timers

It’s pickling week!  As a first time pickler (in fact, this is my first time using a mason jar to make something myself!), I was pretty nervous.  Folks have assured me for years that it’s an easy process, but it seems so involved.  Special brine!  Jar purchases!  Popping!
I may not be a pickler, but I sure do LOVE pickles.  Over the past couple of years, I’ve seen an increase in pickle prices.  (I can’t believe I just said that.)  Since they’re only a few bucks a jar it doesn’t seem like a huge dent- STILL, I bought all my ingredients at notoriously high-priced Whole Foods this week and the total was $2.73.  For two pint jars of pickles and three cucumbers left over for my next recipe.  SCORE.
Super Fast, Super Easy Refrigerator Pickles
- White Vinegar
- Onions (I used about half of a sweet onion, but would happily have added more.)
- Dill Weed (some recipes call for Dill Seed, but I thought using this type of dill would provide plenty of flavor)
- Garlic (for the love of Pete, use real garlic gloves. I mistakenly thought I had some at home and had to resort to this crushed garlic.  And then it smelled off when I opened it and I had to FURTHER resort to garlic powder.  Just… buy garlic.)
- Picking Cucumbers (I used about 5 for this recipe)
1. Cut up your cucumbers into spears:
2. Slice your onion into strips.  Line the bottom of a mason jar with a layer of onions.  Add one teaspoon of dill weed.  Add one garlic clove (or, in my case, one teaspoon of garlic powder).
3. Slide your cucumber spears in the jar until they’re cozy.
4. Add 1 cup water, 1 cup vinegar and 2 1/2 teaspoons of salt to a saucepan.  Bring to a boil, stirring just a bit to ensure the salt is dissolved.  Once boiling, pour the mixture into the jars, leaving about 1/4 inch spare room at the top to avoid spillover when closing.  Place your lid/bands on the jar and close tightly.
(As Alyssa advised me when we chatted about pickles, you don’t even have to use mason jars for this recipe!  Any jar will do- I save old pickle jars and could just have easily used those for this project.)
No one told me to shake them up, but I did it anyway.  (And then I felt a TREMENDOUS sense of pride at having PICKLED something.  Like the olden days.)
5. Throw them in the refrigerator and wait two days before you crack them open to eat them up.  (These babies will technically last for two weeks in the fridge, but I dare you to let them stick around that long.)
The Verdict:
These pickles were, hands down, the best pickles I’ve ever had.  They’re crisp!  And light!  They retain their cucumber freshness along with the yummy vinegar/pickled flavor.
I shared a jar with my man friend before I tasted them and he declared them to be the best pickles he’s ever had as well.
Final tips:
- Sharing is good, but you’ll still be sad you decreased your pickle supply by 50%.
- My work friend Jessbee tells me that you should try apple cider vinegar for an extra special/different pickle-y flavor.
- Make more than two pint jars.


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