Mini Poinsettia Swizzle Sticks or Cupcake Toppers

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I fell so hard for these gorgeous crepe paper poinsettias.  I made one as a gift topper, and (while it was really beautiful) it was honestly more trouble than it was worth.  I love the concept though, so I wanted to incorporate and easier version into our holiday celebrations somehow. 

These mini poinsettias take only a few minutes to make and are just adorable.  I made them with red crepe paper but you could also use white, gold or silver and they would be just as festive.  And they look like poinsettias because it’s Christmas time, but you could really use any color and just do a pretty flower for a bridal shower, birthday party or wedding. 

What you need:

Crepe paper or tissue paper (crepe paper is a little sturdier and less inclined to rip, so I would suggest using it if you can!)

Thin, flexible wire

Glitter tape

Wooden Skewer


How to make them:

1.  Cut a 12 inch length of crepe paper (or a 10×2 inch piece of tissue paper).

2. Fold in half lengthwise on itself 3 times. 

folded crepe paper from

3.  Cut 2 petal shapes into the crepe paper, keeping the folded edge intact.  You actually want sets of 2 connected petals when you unfold the paper.

cut petals from crepe paper

4.  Unfold the petal sets and arrange each of them into a flower shape.  Twist the centers of each set once to keep the petals from separating.

twist petals from

5.  Layer the two sets of petals on top of each other to fill in any gaps and make the flower look full.  

6. Cut a 3 inch piece of wire.  Use the wire to hold together the 2 paper flowers, twisting it into a stem. 

wrap wire around ponsettias

7.  Cut a 1/2 inch piece of glitter tape.  Tape the “stem” to the skewer.  Fluff the flowers so they look light and airy.

poinsettia cupcake toppers from

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