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San Francisco is experiencing a crazy heat wave this week, the kind where doing almost anything is a chore.  Sitting is a chore.  Walking is definitely a chore.  Basically, unless it involves a/c or a pool, it’s a chore.

Still, the sunshine lifts everyone’s mood up a little.  It’s like an unexpected three day weekend or a balloon full of confetti: people are out and about and they’re happy.  Today’s project is a quick one that captures a bit of that spirit: fun, breezy and not too much of a chore.  I promise.

Pom Pom Magnets from

Even the simple purchase of supplies for these pom pom magnets made me smile.  So cheerful!  


Pom Pom Magnets from

– pom poms in your desired color, 1 inch size

– wood discs, 1 inch size

– magnets, .75 inch size

– your favorite glue

To get started, glue each magnet to a wooden disc and allow to dry.  (This may seem like an extra step, but it’s crucial to the longevity of the magnet.  Attaching the pom pom directly to the magnet would work for a while, but over time and use the fuzz would weaken and the pom pom would detach.  The wood piece will allow you to easily re-position your magnets without damage.)

Pom Pom Magnets from

Attach your pom poms to the top of the wooden half of your magnet/disc combo with your glue and allow to dry.  That’s it!  

Pom Pom Magnets from

Now, aren’t these little guys fun?  Use them to jazz up a refrigerator or your workspace, they’re strong and quirky at the same time.  I decided to rearrange the magnet board in my bedroom using these instead of the super strong magnets I usually use and it really brightened up the space!

Pom Pom Magnets from

P.S. The “Today Is The Greatest” print is a favorite of mine!  It’s designed by Christopher David Ryan and available in his online shop here.



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