Weekly Love Letter for August 15th, 2014

Alyssa's Week

greetings between people of different nationalities from www.alyssaandcarla.com

“This Huffington Post article about how to greet people from different countries is great for travelers, but it doesn’t help people that live in expat communities!  We have a wonderful group of expat friends in Japan, and we always laugh about how awkward our greetings are with a group of really varied, mixed-nationality people. The Japanese bow, the French/Belgians/Italians kiss 2-4 times (depending on where they’re from), the Americans USUALLY hug people we’re familiar with (which sometimes turns into an awkward one-sided kiss depending on whom it is that you’re hugging), but then we also shake hands when we meet newer people.  It is a hilarious mess, and when we get together in a big group I have to actually think about what I’m going to do with each person before I go in for the greeting or goodbye.  And whose custom do you follow when people of two different nationalities face off? The combinations and interactions can be really funny; Japanese man + French woman is a particularly awkward one! #expatproblems”

*WHIPPED FETA. In a pie crust. With beautiful ripe tomatoes.

*Calligraphy & Coffee.  Who’s in? I’m addicted to calligraphy-ing (lol, what’s the verb form??) and I will totally organize this for people in Tokyo.

*Painted polka dot balloons. So easy! And so happy!

Carla's Week

Carla's Weekly Love Letter for 8.15.14 “On Wednesday, I took a quick trip down to the Ferry Building to do some sampling for my company.  There’s something really fun about giving stuff away and it’s EXTRA fun when you’re in such a tourist-y area with folks from all over the world.  People seriously did NOT know how to react and there were some pretty adorable responses from folks.  Hope I didn’t scare anyone!  The most interesting thing about giving free things to people?  If one person in a group says no, chances are high everyone in the group will say no.  Same goes for the first person saying yes.  Group think, folks.  It’s real.  (And reminds me to be the person saying ‘yes!’ more often!)”

(P.S. Pictured above: the Five Spice Chicken Vermicelli from the Out The Door shop in the San Francisco Ferry Building.  Pair it up with a iced black tea boba.  Just trust me.)

* I’m embarrassed to remind you all of how I don’t eat much fruit (thanks, horrible fruit texture with wonderful fruit taste!) so I’m dying over this homemade strawberry syrup recipe that looks pretty darn seedless to me!

* SUPER digging “Last Love Song” by ZZ Ward.

* Think I need all twenty of these washi tape storage solutions.  Seriously- just ask Alyssa!  I do believe the word “hoarder” was used.

One year ago: Carla’s update to Lemon Supreme Pie from Baker’s Square. It’s better than the original, we know because we sought out a Baker’s Square when Carla was in Ohio last year!


Little Red Window included our Dollar Store Serving Tray Makeover in their roundup of 20 Unbelievable Dollar Store Crafts.

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Alyssa has been cooking, crafting and entertaining for as long as she can remember. She is currently living in crazy Tokyo (say hi if you're in town!), but loves to travel all over the world. She's a little bit obsessed with cookbooks, whisky and stationary.

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