Dark Chocolate Irish Coffee

Dark Chocolate Irish Coffee | Alyssa & CarlaIrish coffee isn’t something we drink every day, so it’s meant to be a bit indulgent. We’ve gone a step further and replaced the standard sugar with an even better substitute: dark chocolate syrup. It helps take some of the edge off.

If you didn’t think you liked Irish coffee before, this version might change your mind. So when you need some help powering through a long day of St. Patrick’s Day revelry, try this Dark Chocolate Irish Coffee for a caffeinated, chocolaty, boozy treat.

Dark Chocolate Irish Coffee
Makes 1 drink

1.5 oz Irish whiskey
1.5 oz Bailey’s Irish Cream
1 tablespoon dark chocolate syrup
1 cup hot coffee
Whipped cream

optional garnish: chocolate shavings

Pour coffee into a heatproof cup. Add the dark chocolate syrup and stir to dissolve. Add the whiskey and Bailey’s. Top with a generous dollop of whipped cream and sprinkle on some chocolate shavings.

Dark Chocolate Irish Coffee | Alyssa & Carla


*** Last year we were lucky enough to be selected to create a few cocktail recipes for a fellow blog.  Since they were never run here on A&C, we thought we’d repost them for you to try!  Hope you enjoy these tasty recipes! ***

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Mexican Chocolate Milkshakes (with M&M’s® Crispy Topping!)

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #CrispyComeback #CollectiveBias

I’m a girl who likes candy.  Like, in a major way.  I don’t even discriminate: bring me the fruity kind, the chocolate-y kind, the nutty kind, the crispy kind.  I’m equal opportunity. You know what’s even better than candy?  Dessert *with* candy.  A two-for-one, if you will.  

Mexican Chocolate Milkshakes | Alyssa & Carla

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Weekly Love Letter for Friday, March 6th

japanese teacup with wooden saucer

“This is going to sound strange: the next time you’re in Tokyo, get Indian food.  Specifically, get the naan.  I love Indian food and ate some very, very authentic stuff in the Bay Area.  But the Indian food in Tokyo is out of control amazing.  The naan is usually made to order and is so fresh, hot and crisp/soft/chewy that you will probably order another one.  And actually, if you’re looking for something a little different, try Nepalese food.  It’s very similar to Indian food but has a few different dishes, like momo.  They’re little tender stuffed dumplings served with a spicy herb sauce.  We have a favorite Nepalese place here in Meguro, so let me know if you’re interested in more information!”

*I had pretty much zero interest in going to Macau (the Vegas of Asia? I’ll stick with the Vegas of America) until I listened to this Splendid Table podcast about Macanese food.  Spanish + Indian + Chinese food?  Sign me up.

*Give me everything in copper (or make it!).

*Creamy miso mushrooms and eggs.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Carla's Weekly Love Letter for 3.6.15 | Alyssa & Carla“You might have noticed a brief break in our weekly love letter schedule- all my fault.  Last week I was lucky enough to get to join several other food bloggers at the Food Blog Forum in Orlando, FL.  It was a great weekend with my local lady Sarah and my newest food blog friend (and Disney roommate extraordinaire), Tina- roaming around Disney, eating Dole Whip, learning about all things blogging and stuffing our faces with beautiful and delicious food.

As always, one of the best parts of blog events is meeting other bloggers.  Food Blog Forum is especially great for this: a room full of folks who want to feed me AND eat with me?  Um, yeah.  Sold.  Instead of sharing my usual Internet faves this week, I thought I’d introduce you to three awesome bloggers I met on the trip!”

* It all started with an Instagram photo of maybe the most adorable pregnancy announcement ever.  And then at breakfast I found out that Jessa of Heed the Feed was SITTING AT MY TABLE.  I might have embarrassed myself that morning (and the rest of the weekend, let’s not kid ourselves), but I loved meeting her.  Billed as an organic food blogger, her site is all about pure food- and y’all know how I feel about that.

* For some reason, blogging conferences tend to have more women in attendance than men.  Can’t stop, won’t stop: Nick from Macheesmo.  A super nice and genuine guy, Nick writes about becoming a more confident cook with a super wide array of recipes and real talk.  (I just bought his book too!)

* One of our loves here on A&C is travel.  When a fave blog popped up in my reader looking for guest travel posts recently, I knew I wanted to try to contribute.  SF was already locked down, but I’d been meaning to come up with a backup city and write Susannah of Feast & West when I SPOTTED HER ACROSS THE ROOM last weekend.  She was THERE!  She’s as delightful in person as you’d imagine from her blog and my biggest sadness is not getting to share a cocktail with her- it’s one of her blog’s specialties.

One year ago: kumquat and vanilla bean marmalade (hmm, I may have a problem…xo, a)
Two years ago: light and fluffy Kentucky biscuits 

Mamabee made a beautiful roundup of floral headbands and crowns to welcome spring, including our DIY Floral Crown.

HouseBeautiful added our DIY Wine Cork Trivet to their post of awesome home DIYs.

Our customizable DIY photo or placecard holders were in Happy Wedd’s roundup of 16 easy DIY photo projects for your wedding.

Lose the Cape did a fantastic St. Patrick’s Day recipe and craft post, and they included our DIY St. Patrick’s Day Party Straws!

Japanese Spinach with Sesame Dressing (Hourensou no goma-ae)

hina matsuri ranunculas www.alyssaandcarla.com

Guys, I had the best day the other day! My sweet friend Ai invited me over to make lunch together. Her youngest daughter, Ako, checked in on us periodically to make sure everything was going smoothly. Ako-chan is a sassy three-year-old.  This goofy little girl loves Cinderella, Curious George, and watching cooking shows.

ako chan www.alyssaandcarla.com

Ai’s older daughter, Riko, unfortunately had school (stupid school). Riko-chan speaks English with a perfect American accent and makes beautiful origami.

hina matsuri dolls www.alyssaandcarla.com

It was Girls’ Day (or Doll’s Day, hinamatsuri in Japanese), a day when people pray for the safety of children. Japanese families display beautiful dolls representing the Empress and Emperor of Japan and sometimes even their royal court. They tend to be very elaborate and ornate, and are passed down from generation to generation. There are also certain dishes that are traditional for Girls’ Day, so we made a few of them and had our own little party. 

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Candied Kumquats (and Vanilla Bean Kumquat Syrup!)

These little candied kumquats are perfect for sprinkling over baked goods, dipping into really good dark chocolate, adding to your yogurt, or just snacking on them straight out of the bag.  As good as they are, however, the vanilla bean kumquat syrup that is a byproduct of the candying process is arguably the best part.   

vanilla bean candied kumquats with dark chocolate at www.alyssaandcarla.com

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Creamy Chipotle Shrimp Tacos

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #VivaLaMorena #CollectiveBias

Here we are: another Lenten season has arrived.  Some people are really good about planning for Lent: making sure they have special Friday lunches and dinners in place and stockpiling the fridge.  Me?  Not so much.  I’m a little more “hm, why are there fish and chips on this menu?” than that.  Growing up, we’d usually remember to go meatless JUST as we were preparing for dinner- leaving us with lots of tuna sandwiches and beans with tortillas.

In an effort to avoid those last minute meals, La Morena reached out to me about creating an easy and quick recipe that’s packed full of authentic and traditional flavor.  And as a bonus?  These Creamy Chipotle Shrimp Tacos are perfect for those last-minute Friday dinners.

Creamy Chipotle Shrimp Tacos | Alyssa & Carla

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Weekly Love Letter for Friday, February 20th

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“We have friends in town with their 9-month-old son.  Walking around Tokyo with a baby is like living in a different city.  People interact with you when normally they would avoid eye contact, and they do anything they can to entertain the baby when they usually just fall asleep on the train.  Even the most unlikely people get excited when they see him.  We walked into the coolest hipster coffee shop, fully expecting to get dirty looks, and all of the staff immediately started cooing and acting like idiots to get him to smile.  The most excited one was a sweet 20-something guy who even came over to our table to take some photos and hold the baby.  It was delightful, and maybe bordering just a liiiittle tiny bit creepy.  Thankfully our friends are wonderfully relaxed parents!”

*These embroidered travel “photos” are so inspiring.  What talent!

*How beautiful is this botanical garden dome in Singapore?  Just a spectacular juxtaposition of modern technology and nature.

*I’m a bit obsessed with za’atar these days, and I’m pretty excited to try this za’atar eggs benedict.

Carla's Weekly Love Letter for 2.20.15“Audience participation Friday: hands up if you knew that cows aren’t really dangerous animals!  I… didn’t.  We went on an awesome hike with weather in the seventies last weekend and the one teeny tiny hiccup?  The herds of cows crossing at random intervals along the path.  They were pretty cute and definitely seemed more scared of us than we were of them, but I feel like you don’t just TAKE THAT CHANCE.  I was getting a good vibe from one sweet brown one and thought he might like to pet me and JUST as I wondering aloud it started sauntering toward me.  You’d freak out too, right?  I’m not the only crazy Californian who thinks cows could attack?  (I guess they don’t?  Will that be my last chance to ever pet a cow?  So many questions!)”

This sweater has the prettiest scallops AND it’s not made of wool.  SCORE! 

Vintage airline posters of San Francisco.  Ahh.

Gnocchi mac and cheese sounds SO YUMMY and somehow completely different than using pasta!

One year ago: Homemade vanilla chai tea sweetener.

Two years ago: Khao Soi Gai (Thai chicken curry soup)



Our DIY Ombre Dyed Shoelaces were in List Inspired’s fantastic roundup of 50 Spectacular DIY Shoe Make Over Ideas.  Check it out for some really creative inspiration.

4 DIY Beauty Products to #bendtherules with HP x360

One of our favorite ways to #bendtherules is creating beauty products with items you can easily find around your home.  When HP asked us to come up with a way to showcase their latest x360 (with laptop, tablet, stand and tent modes all in one!), it was a no brainer to share four of our very favorite DIY beauty products and encourage you to think outside the beauty shop and into your own cupboards.

DIY Greek Yogurt Mask

Our most popular mask, this one is uber-moisturizing and simple.  Only two ingredients (with an optional third!)- who says beauty has to be complicated or expensive?

Four At Home Beauty Products to #bendtherules (with HP) | Alyssa & Carla

 I can’t pick a favorite mode, but this tablet one sure is awesome.  Because the x360 has a touch screen, you can completely bend the keyboard back and use it flat- just like a tablet!  This makes it great for reading on the go.

Homemade Face Mask with Pumpkin

Don’t think pumpkin is just for pie and lattes!  We love this mask to exfoliate, smooth and moisturize.  An all around power house product that smells (and, honestly, TASTES) delicious.

Four At Home Beauty Products to #bendtherules (with HP) | Alyssa & Carla

 DIY Essential Oil Sugar Scrub

This a all around fave: great for everything from the shower to an at-home manicure and even makes a great gift.  Prepare for a spa like experience with this one!  Choose your favorite essential oil or make your own blend.

Four At Home Beauty Products to #bendtherules (with HP) | Alyssa & Carla

Ever tried to use your laptop while following a tutorial or recipe?  (I’ve honest to God cracked a screen while doing this- precarious propping against flour sacks actually doesn’t work…)  No need to worry with this HP x360- the cover bends over to create a tent shape that supports itself with no slipping or accidents.

DIY Mint Lip Duo (Balm & Scrub!)

Treat your lips to two refreshing treatments!  First, use the scrub to exfoliate dry skin away, then create a soothing balm for long-lasting moisture.

Four At Home Beauty Products to #bendtherules (with HP) | Alyssa & Carla

 Get ready for another truly awesome x360 feature: the stand.  Angle the screen back just far enough to let you watch your favorite videos!  I’m totally using this mode to try out some smoky eye video tutorials.  The clutch fact about all these modes?  Even with some of the coolest viewing options, this is STILL a laptop.  Use it for everything from serious business to serious play.

Four At Home Beauty Products to #bendtherules (with HP) | Alyssa & Carla

As a HUGE Meghan Trainor fan (pretty sure I’ll never be tired of All About That Bass and have you listened to Like I’m Gonna Lose You, her duet with John Legend?), I’ve loved learning more about her tour and finding out how she’s integrating social media and some of my blog favorites (like Bri Emery of Designlovefest!).  Head over to her tour page to learn more and get involved!

What is your favorite way to #bendtherules?  Got a favorite at-home product we should know about?  Share with us below!

Hey A&C Readers-  HP is on tour with Meghan Trainor and we’re proud to be a #bendtherules partner.  Today we’re showcasing the HP x360- an amazing product with 4 modes: Laptop, Tablet, Tent, and Stand.  Thanks so much for supporting our sponsors!